Ruth and Jeanette have a huge passion for the SimplyHealed approach to personal well being! I have had personal experience; Ruth helped me overcome some childhood issues that was actually causing me to not feel very good mentally and physically. Once she helped me get the negative energy out, I felt a ton better. (I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first but after feeling the results, I have to say there is really something to this approach.)

One thing about it, it just makes sense! If you are always worried, anxious or stressed out, let Ruth or Jeanette help you move on in life and start feeling better.


Paul Toyn from Utah


 I love this!

I have horrible depression where I have been hospitalized for it. I have tried medicine and therapy and every time I finish a session i have left and not felt any different, yet after the first session with Ruth I felt lighter and that I could go through my day. I have worked with her several times and can look at each day knowing that my life is better. I can laugh with my kids again and feel worthy of the love that I have in my life. I have asked her to work on my kids and husband and have seen the different in there lives as well. I would and have recommend this for everyone in my family and my friends.

Karen - P.A. 


Feeling more at peace

Since my appointment I have had a sense of peace and reassurance. I suffered a lot from anxiety and depressed thoughts. I have been thinking more positive and notice a change of mindset that I have. Health wise I haven’t been sick or feel much of a lack of energy. I really do feel at peace and thought this was awesome for me. I really liked the energy of Jeanette and how she tried to explain what she could with a smile and good vibes. She has a very sweet spirit about her and she is perfect for doing this. I loved it and will do it again.

Jess - Wyoming

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