What is energy connections?

Good news! Real, lasting change does not have to be painful, difficult or perpetual to achieve.

 Energy Connections, using the SimplyHealed method makes it possible to create, shift and change quickly because it works on the mental, emotional and physical levels simultaneously. Because of its simplicity, some people may have trouble believing that it can truly have lasting effects. Many changes felt by clients are immediate and dramatic, while others are subtle and noticed overtime. Either way, it works directly with the subconscious mind to cause the energy shifts which result in release and change. It can eliminate deeply rooted belief patterns and negative emotions.  These methods can help you transform your life and create the life experience you really want by:

  • Reducing stress and creating a state of mental and emotional well being.
  • Freeing up any energy tied to present or past hurts, disappointments, fears and loss.
  • Transforming negative or limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Resolving negative or eliminating self-sabotage.
  • Creating new empowered ways of responding to people, situations and challenges.
  • Increasing and maintaining your clarity, focus and motivation.
  • Deepening connections to yourself, others and your spiritual source.

Energy Connections through the SimplyHealed approach releases limiting beliefs from your system and replaces them with supporting affirmations. This work rebalances the energy systems of your body by releasing blocked emotional energy and negative thought patterns. Negatives are replaced with higher vibrational energies such as love, forgiveness, and joy. Higher vibrational energies generate positive new thought patterns, thus you can attract and create what you really want in life. We all have limiting beliefs that need to be released. Energy Connections using the SimplyHealed method is a simple and natural way to improve any aspect of your life!